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Wednesday, January 21, 2009


Dear Friends,
Sorry to have kept u waiting, we had to go to the Philippines,japan, and hawaii for a special survey. but now were back!

we apologize for not telling you, because we had to go on the last minute. and everyday we were busy so we werent able to make cheats.

Hope you guys understand all this. Now we will never stop posting cheats. now were back.

So post some comments!

Jolibee best, Geepee16, Prettylou18, Aya firass, Pingu28513, renzy17, Cookie121

Sunday, November 2, 2008

Thank you!!!

Hey guys!

I said that i cant open clubpenguin!

but a miracle happened this morning!

when i tried to click clubpenguin it opened i was so thrilled!

now im posting cheats!

oh ya! tomorrow im gonna go back to my home, cant tell you where.. only thing that im gonna tell is in the Philippines.

So check out some awesome cheats!
~Jolibee Best~

Sunday, October 26, 2008


Hey guys!
It's so sad!!!

Clubpenguin wont open!

Cry cry cry cry!!

So were on vacation also.. so nov. 4 were cming back! Ill just tell Janna0515 or the others. to open my penguin..

oh ya! forgot to remind you!

im gonna put out a contest!

the game will be the following!
*Picture contest
*Video contest

now for the picture contest steps..

1. Gather your penguin friends.
2. And picture them with their funniest clothes...
(you dont need to be a member to join)
(i will pick 2 winners..
Non-member winners!
1st place-
2nd Place-
3rd Place-
Member winners!
1st Place-
2nd Place-
3rd Place-
And thats how to play fair..
so for the video contest..
1. Gather your penguin Friends.
2. And make the following....
*Fashion Show
*Beauty Pageant
*Tour Guide
That's all..
So just Make it NIce and Good!
The criteria i will post it later...
~Jolibee Best,President~

Friday, October 17, 2008

Sad.. Sad...

Hey Guys....
Remember i never gave the cheats for furniture...
Well, now there's a new one...
well, We're maybe gonna skip it or return...
It's Jolibee Best's Job to decide!
Well, Hope you see wats wrong..
Maybe your asking why are you late in posting cheats??..
Answer: Because We are busy, Are 2nd semester exams are coming next week, so we're trying hard!! and after that s semestral break!! WOOHOO!!
Well, see ya!!
~Geepee16, Chief Cheats, Janna0515, Head-Moderator~

Saturday, October 11, 2008

Halloween Clothing Catalog Sneak Peek

Kool! The new halloween clothing catalog will be coming!

Hmm.... do you know what this is?

Guess up!
Guess it at

Okay Guys! Have fun!

~Jolibee Best, President, Geepee16, Chief Cheats, Prettylou18, Incharge of Photography~


Sorry guys that i havent put out blogs for a long time.

we are planning to go o a vacation for semestral break!

And clubpenguin is still fixing some bugs!

so now we are posting blogs!


~Jolibee Best, President~

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

New Mission Sneak Peek!

Kool! There's the new mission Sketch!
In the picture there are two penguins one is wearing nothing and the other one is wearing a cap!
And there are two puffles!
And do you know where they are? Look Below!!


ready? Set go!!!!

well, hope you'll try to be more excited!
so good luck!

~Jolibee Best,President, Prettylou18, Incharge of Photography~